Court Attendance Services

Giving evidence in court can often be a daunting, ‘butterfly in the stomach’ moment, whether it is your first outing or not.

That is why the APU team can take witnesses through the process of giving evidence and make the experience as smooth, easy and stress-free as possible.

Upon arrival at the County Court, our investigator will locate and introduce him or herself to the claimant, solicitor and barrister. The investigator will then have what is known as a pre-trial brief, during which they will discuss the witness statement before the trial starts.

During the trial, the witness will give their evidence under oath and will be cross-examined by our client’s barrister, the defendant’s barrister and in some cases, the presiding judge.

Once the Judge is satisfied that the witness has given their evidence in full, they will be discharged and will be free to leave.

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